Adding Custom Links to the Gopher Menu Bar

This requires opening the database in MS Access and adding the paths to a table.  If you would prefer assistance from a BlackDog Support Representative, please contact us.  If you feel comfortable adding the menu options to MS Access on your own, please follow the steps below.

1.  Close Gopher.

2.  Be certain you have a current backup of your database.

3.  Open …go4\mdb\go4.mdb in MS Access.  Typically, the full path to this file is c:\Program Files\go4\mdb\go4.mdb (or h:\go4\mdb\go4.mdb for Digital Desktop users).  We are opening the front-end database that resides on your personal drive as opposed to the back-end database that resides on your shared drive.

4.  Open the wpg table.




5.  You will see five columns that open in the table – see screen shot above for an example. 

a.  1st column “WpgMenuId”:  On the first available empty row, type MnuCustomLesson in this column if you want the link you are adding to appear on the Lessons menu in Gopher or type MnuCustomTip if you want the link you are adding to appear on the Recruiter’s Corner menu in Gopher. 

b.  2nd column “WpgMenuNumber”:  Type a 1 if you are adding the first option to appear on the Lessons or Recruiter’s Corner custom menu.  Increment by 1 for each additional option you are adding to the menu.

c.  3rd column “WpgCaption”:  Type the caption you want to appear on the menu for this link.

d.  4th column “WpgPath”:  Type the web address or the path to the file that you are creating a link to. 

e.  5th column “WpgSer”:  This will automatically be filled in for you.  Do not type anything in this column.

6.  Repeat step 4 for each link you wish to create. 

7.  Close MS Access when you are finished.  Everything is saved automatically.

8.  Open Gopher.  You will see your custom links on the applicable menu (Lessons or Recruiter’s Corner).