Adding candidates targeted for a position

Candidate records can be added to the target list in five ways:

1)  Dragging selected candidates from a find list generated on the Profile tab to the Position# on the Position tab.  This would require you to first perform a search for candidates on the Profile tab and generate a find list.  Next, click the Position tab and find the position the candidates are targets for.  Finally, RIGHT click in the ID column of any selected candidate in the find list and drag the envelope to the Position # and drop it.  All of the selected names will be added to the position’s target list.

2)  Dragging the Record# of a selected candidate on the Profile tab to the target list opened from the Position tab.  This would require you to first find the position on the Position tab and double click in the Position # box when the eyes are visible in order to open the target list.  Next, click the Profile tab and find a candidate to add to the target list.  Finally, click in the Record# box for the candidate and drag to the target list. 

3)  Importing resumes into Gopher.  When resumes are imported, Gopher compares the skills that are found on the resumes to required skills on open positions.  Any matches will automatically be saved to the target list.

4)  Adding tracking records to the Tracking tab, either manually or by emailing resumes to clients for open positions. 

5)  Clicking the Add to Gopher button on the web submissions form.