Adding a Position

AddButton To add a new position record:

1) If the name you wish to add to the position is currently selected on the Planner tab or is on the Profile, Resume, Memo or Tracking tabs, RIGHT click from that tab to the Position tab.


2) Select the Profile tab and Find the name that you wish to add to the Position.  Then, RIGHT click the Position tab. 

Note:  The person you are adding to the Position tab is the Client or Hiring Manager in charge of the open position.  This person’s profile type must be ‘C’ for Client.

3) The RIGHT click to the Position tab first initiates a find and if any positions are found with the person’s name, they will be displayed.  You must click the AddButton button to add a new position.

Note:  The fields that are required before you can save the Position record are First Name, Last Name, Company, Position Title and the default fields that filled in with information when the Add button was clicked.

4)  Click the DoItButton button to save the position.


User Defined Fields

Required Skills