Adding a Planner Action

To add a Planner action:

1. If the name you wish to add to the Planner is currently on the Profile, Resume, Memo, Position or Tracking tabs, RIGHT click from that tab to the Planner tab.


Select the Profile tab and Find the name that you wish to add to the Planner.  Then, RIGHT click the Planner tab. 

Note:  If you are scheduling a personal event (i.e. appointment reminder) , find your name on the Profile tab. 

2. The RIGHT click to the Planner tab first initiates a find for the person’s name on your Planner.  If an entry is not found, you will automatically be placed into the Add state.  If an entry is found, you must click the AddButton button to add a new Planner entry.

3. Click the day on the Planner that this action is being scheduled for.  

4. Type the information in the fields.  The fields are defined below:


      Type:  The Type column defines which type of record you are adding the planner action for. 
ApplicantIcon Names shown with this icon are Applicants. ClientIcon Names shown with this icon are Clients.

    Desc:  This represents the type of action and will default to Call.  When in Add, Change or Find, click the down arrow in this column to view other actions.  Refer to ‘Planner Tasks’ for definitions of the available options.

    Status (S):  This will automatically update when the Planner entry is saved.  A 0 represents the action is scheduled for the day selected on the Planner.  A red number represents actions scheduled in the past and the number represents the number of days past due the action is.

    Time:  The time that a planner item is scheduled for

    Name:  The name of the person who the action is being scheduled for.

    By:  The user ID of the person who scheduled the action.

    For:  When in Add, Change or Find you will see the For column.  This will contain the user ID of the person who the action is scheduled for.  It is hidden when viewing the Planner because you are viewing your Planner and it would be redundant.

    Comments:  A brief note describing the action.

5. Click the DoItButton button to save the new Planner entry. 


Power adding entries to the Planner