Adding a Memo

AddButton To add a new memo record:

1) If the name you wish to add to the memo is currently selected on the Planner tab or is on the Profile, Resume, Position or Tracking tabs, RIGHT click from that tab to the Memo tab.


2) Select the Profile tab and Find the name that you wish to add to the Memo.  Then, RIGHT click the Memo tab. 

3) The RIGHT click to the Memo tab first initiates a find and if any memos are found with the person’s name, they will be displayed.  You must click the AddButton button to add a new memo.

4) Type the subject of the memo in the ‘Memo Subject’ box and the narrative of the memo in the ‘Memo Body’ box.  The ‘Memo Body is a free form, text field.  You may copy and paste information from another source by RIGHT clicking in the Memo Body box and selecting Paste or by pressing Ctrl V on the keyboard.  

5)  Click the DoItButton button to save the memo.