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Most ATS systems come with the super glue option.  Once they are attached to your recruiting business it becomes almost impossible to become unstuck without losing some skin. Skin in this case is your clients, candidates, notes, resumes and emails.

Tons and tons of material have been written on choosing the best recruiting software but little has been written on exit strategies from the current ATS vendor.

Installing a recruiting system is much like a war. You must have a good exit strategy just in case things do not go exactly as planned.  Most recruiting software contracts are like mortgage contracts and are never written in favor of the customer.

Here are the basic elements of an ATS system that any recruiting entity (direct hire or third party) must be able to transfer from their present ATS/recruiting system.

  • Candidate profiles - phone numbers, email addresses, titles, skills, codes and dictionary defining codes
  • Client and client prospect profiles - same as candidate
  • Interview histories
  • Client notes
  • Candidate notes
  • Emails including broadcasted emails
  • Resumes - original format
  • Social media addresses
  • The data should be exported easily in a common readable format by the owner of the recruiting entity.

Gopher's Super Glue Busting Options

Of course the down side of getting your data unstuck from your current ATS vendor is that it opens a security hole for owners of the recruiting entity.  Yes, it is true some of the most trusted recruiters have walked away with valuable data and started their own recruiting firms.  "Tell me it ain't so Joe".  It is a sad but sorry truth of the industry but know that all is not lost. BlackDog has dealt with this issue for 25 years.  Not just anyone can use Gopher's unsticking tools because they are password protected with built in stealth activity tracking devices. Tracking alarms work best when crooks do not know were they are. Need a Gopher Security Review? Contact us.

export DBExport to database -  This is the nuclear option. All the data a recruiting firm must have in order to   move on to another ATS is here with this option.  Most importantly the firm does not need "permission" from BlackDog and does not need a BlackDog technician to do it.  Why should you?  It is your data!  But you must have the proper ownership credentials which BlackDog provides. Some vendors would say it is all there - you just need to copy one record at a time. This "solution" will take you about a thousand years to get it all. The other option some vendors give - after you grovel a bit and have been beat up by their 'Damage Control Team' - is an outdated CD that can only be read by a technician possessing a 'Rosetta Stone'.  Not so with BlackDog. We download to an MS Access format which is equivalent to the American dollar as the international standard. You can either read it in MS Access or from there MS Access can export it into almost any format imaginable.

export to excelExport to Excel -  Another good option that converts any Gopher query into an Excel spreadsheet - a format that non-technical recruiters are familiar with.

export to MS ACCESS tableExport to MS ACCESS table - Our last unsticking tool is a bit more powerful than the Excel export but requires a little more technical skill.  This is however still in the realm of being user friendly for non-geeks.

See next month's issue for "Broadcast emailing revisited"

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