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Businesses do not hire people. People hire people.


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The Six lists of Gopher

 Drag and drop from any list! Did you know Gopher has 6 different lists? Gopher is really a listing tool back dropped with an answer wizard. The answer wizard is the main screen composed of the 6 tabs, the left side bar and the tool bar. This view never changes. It is very important that this view never changes! 99% of recruiting systems change views causing the recruiter to navigate to get back to do a task. Navigation consumes time, perspective and focus. You may think so what - I need to do a lot more than these 6 tabs can do! The answer wizard is key! How so? Picture the answer wizard as a big red button - huge in fact. Drag any name into it and voila!  It gives you the answer.

Click the list names below for more details on using each list.

  1. "Hot Lists/FindList"

  2. "Target Lists"

  3. "Company Snap Shot"

  4. "Matching Lists"

  5. "Folder View"

  6. "Bookmarks"

All lists have direct drag and drop functionality to the core database (hub or answer wizard) which stays in view at all times, therefore you do not have any task disassociation just because you are multi-tasking. All lists have direct connectivity to Outlook for broadcasting or individual emails. All lists 'talk' to one anther (e.g. take this name on this list and put it on this other list). This simple visual movement ability saves tons of time and you donít wind up like a rat in the maze of your software as you move from one task to another.  Gopher gives you lots of options to move forward with tasks from right where you are, instead of having to back up, turn around, and try three different screens before you find the option that you want.

Talent Hook integration with Gopher is coming! Watch for a date to be announced soon.

On the drawing board: Social Networking and Blackberry integration with Gopher. We need your help. We need suggestions from you about how you would like these integrations to work.  Vague suggestions are not helpful (like I want Gopher to integrate with Twitter), but specifics of how you currently use these tools and how you see them integrating with Gopher are very helpful (like when I press this Ö something happens in twitter then when I press this on my browser from twitter or a twitter email I want this to happen in Gopher and Gopher does this).  Your input and comments are going to be essential to the development of these additions.  For suggestions or comments regarding the Gopher Social Networking integration, please contact Gopher Support.

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