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Ok so maybe recruiting isnít that drastic...

but if youíve been following our newsletters and blogs, you know we canít emphasize enough how important your database is as a recruiter. Not only does a database hold all of the information about your placements but it also holds the history of your contact with everyone, perhaps your email and if itís a good ATS, it allows you to analyze and review your effectiveness as a recruiter. If you were to sell your recruiting firm, indeed the only thing that has value to a buyer is your database. (See this article on assessing the value of 3rd party recruiting firms)

Many recruiters have jumped on the bandwagon of using LinkedIn as their ad-hoc database to find candidates. What if you woke up one day and LinkedIn had shut down? What would you be left with? There is a reason you can't export all of the LinkedIn data you want.

Similarly, many recruiters use web based ATS systems where you can never really get to your data without either being a programmer or having to hire a lawyer to pressure the vendor or having to deal with unbelievable timeframes.  You might think we are exaggerating but we have seen all of these scenarios.  Do you know that Bullhorn says they take 10-15 days to give you a backup of your data? And per their support forum, they require you to use their email tool if you want integration and email storage but if you want to get it back out of Bullhorn, you have to write something to do it?  See the quote below from the Bullhorn support forum.

Bullhorn Support Forum - "Tell me it ain't so, Joe"

"We do not store email in same way as Outlook or any other email client does. We store mail in a proprietary way for our application."

Does any recruiter in their right mind see a problem with the above?  Do you think this is a company concerned about your well-being as a recruiter?  Here is the way BlackDog has handled companies that need to transfer their Gopher database, including emails, for the last 25 years.

Your Gopher Database is always your Gopher Database!  You can copy and paste it anywhere you like -external drive, another hard disk, etc.  Your database opens in a easy to read Microsoft Access format or Excel spreadsheets.  Any dummy technician can convert this to another ATS over a weekend.  If they cannot, you might want to get another ATS vendor. So what just happened? You shut down on Friday and you are up and running on Monday with a new ATS!  Not one second, resume, email, or job order was lost. You did not even have to get our permission to copy your own database - your data belongs to you.  Imagine that!

What about your email?  All your email in Gopher is stored in that database you copied and in Microsoft Outlook's .pst files, which can be easily be exported to Microsoft Excel or Access.  No proprietary storage claims here.  Want to sync your email data between a combination of Gopher, Outlook, a smart phone, a tablet or online?  We highly recommend that customers subscribe to Microsoft's Hosted Exchange for $4 a month under their own name.  Don't grovel with predatory vendors for your data. You own it. You have always owned it!

Nostradamus prediction about Bullhorn and LinkedIn

Before we go on we want to say we have been in business for over 25 years. Our genesis was in recruiting firms in Los Angles. We identify with third party recruiters and have always gone the extra step for our client base even when it was time to move on. There are many venders in this market that are simply predators, motivated only by self-interest. A core belief in our tiny company that has survived and grown for 25 years is that it is not in our best interest to impede another small business from moving on but to help them. The recruiting world is a very small world and what goes around comes around. The people in these companies may one day be our customers.

We are going to go out on the limb a little on this and pretend we are the reincarnation of Nostradamus and make a prediction. We predict that the two huge players in the recruiting industry are going to join forces and attempt to make third party recruiters as extinct as dinosaurs because they both have the same goal - they want to make your database their database. Bullhorn and LinkedIn will be future partners in some way at the expense of all third party recruiters who built them contact by contact, job by job and resume by resume.

Remember, if you go begging for that incomplete proprietary version of your database from Bullhorn, you will have to go through at least a seven day donut hole. There is no such thing as leaving Bullhorn today with the ability to be up and running tomorrow with the same conversations, emails and people you had when Bullhorn stopped.

See next month's issue for LinkedIn vs. 3rd party recruiters

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