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Number 2

What comes 1st, clients or applicants?


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Broadcasting Emails

 Gopher has four sources of broadcasting emails to either applicants or clients! Why? Each source is described below and under what conditions you would want to use one source versus another. They all have common procedures, Whew!  They all email through Outlook and the emails are recorded in Gopher notes and memos. They all share two methods of emailing which are critical to the effectiveness of your emailing campaigns. When broadcasting an email you usually choose a template from the memo tab or at least you should. If you choose a memo email type then your broadcast will have a greater chance of reaching the recipient. If you do not use the memo email type field your email has a higher risk of being bounced or ignored by the recipient. The memo templates you create can either be plain text or HTML and can use information from profiles to merge into each email sent – to one, dozens or hundreds of recipients.


Here is a thumbnail of one source for broadcasting emails, Bookmarks. Bookmarks are a convenient way in Gopher to make durable lists of any group of people, applicants or clients, that you want to identify and treat in a special way. You can add to a bookmark from anywhere in gopher. Any tab, any list and from anything you’re doing.

 A favorite list for broadcasting is the Hot List! Simple to use, simple to create and dynamically added to each recruiters own personal Gopher menu. Delete it when you don't need it without altering the database. Every time you select a hot list the people on it reflect what is in the gopher data base at that instant in time. If some one moves from Utah to Arizona they no linger appear on a hot list of Utah people. Think of this little beauty on your Blackberry.

Gopher's end point, the Target List. The whole purpose of Gopher is to get applicants on a target list to help you fill your positions. Using the target list in all its functions is a learning curve for sure, but its power and ability is greater then some entire recruiting systems. The ability to broadcast emails to applicants from Target Lists gives a recruiter the ability to reach out and touch someone in a way that can not be matched.

Adding even more power to the target list the Matching List gives the recruiter the ability to broadcast emails to potential job matches with much finer filtering tools. Gopher’s tools are designed to work with volumes of resumes that the internet may bring. Broadcasting from a Target List is good, but broadcasting from Matching Lists gives you the ability to describe to the recipient why they are being emailed to.

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