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For many recruiters, email is the most important tool you (think) you have. Even more so than the phone, email communications are what recruiters spend 50-70% of their day managing. Regardless of the availability of great ATS tools like Gopher, some recruiters use email exclusively for their recruiting. Tell a recruiter that they won't have their phone for the day and they will make due.  Tell a recruiter that they won't have email for a day and they will probably tell you it will put them out of business.

But do you ever stop to think about whether emails you send are getting read?  If you think about your own inbox, how many emails do you get each day that go unread and why? What compels you to open an email when you have an overwhelming number of emails to manage every day? With over 144 billion emails sent globally each day and 61% of those emails considered non-essential, getting your email opened by the recipient can be a challenge.

Some recruiters consider it a numbers game. If I send out large quantities of email, I am more likely to get good responses right? Wrong! If no one even opens the email or it winds up in a junk/spam folder, quantity isn't going to help you.  As a matter of fact, 22% of all your marketing emails fail to even reach your recipients. 

Still, 78% deliverability is good but it is only as good as the relevance of your email to the recipient. Recruiters have a reputation for spending out spammy emails that are not specific to the recipient, aren't targeted well and in general don't give enough information for someone to want to read much less reply to.  Many break the cardinal sins of emailing like sending one email with hundreds of people in the bcc field or sending along the important information you really want to be seen in an attachment that never gets opened.

The links on the left give good insights into emailing but the best advice we find is make sure your subject line actually describes the subject of the email.  As simple as that. Don't write your subject lines like advertisements.  Here are some examples:
Do: Job opportunity for a .Net programmer in Denver
Don't: We have jobs for you in your area
Remember that perception is reality and you only get a split second to grab someone's attention.

Gopher's Outlook integration gives you tools that you can use to help you get your emails read.

  Each email you send from Gopher is sent to one person.  No BCC sending ever gets done from Gopher.

  When you craft an email template in Gopher, you can mail merge in any of the fields from the Profile tab which allows you to customize the email to that person. Not only can you add a name but you can choose to add in titles, locations or even skills to personalize it to their specifics.

  You can insert graphics and links into any email you send from a Gopher template. This newsletter you are reading comes directly to you from Gopher.

  If you use URL shorteners like, you can embed links in emails that have meaningful names and will track the number of times your links get clicked for you. All for free

  You can setup Gopher to add your signature to any email being sent from the system. You can choose a different signature to send from each of the different list types. If you are sure to put in your unsubscribe information in your signature, it never gets forgotten.

  Gopher's ability to quickly manage bounce backs and unsubscribe requests ensure that you are sending out to people that really want to receive your message.

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