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LinkedIn profiles may be replacing resumes as candidate introductions to employers and Gopher can import them!

Resumes on LinkedIn have huge implications for the recruiting industry and the workforce in general. In today's world of instant world wide access, resumes have to be different. Just look at how sound bites travel around the world at the speed of light.  Most people putting a resume or background on LinkedIn understand this so for the recruiter, the LinkedIn resume is a double edged sword. It gives more information but is usually more scripted and that makes it harder to get a true feeling for the person.  But more people can find more people thus making the wheels of economies spin faster with greater and better results.

So here goes our contribution to the economies of the world. We won't go into all that advice on how to write good resumes for LinkedIn because that's for the candidate to figure out. You don't want to waste your time as a recruiter helping a candidate write a better LinkedIn resume for other recruiters to benefit from!  However, you might want to coach a candidate on what or what not to put on LinkedIn because your clients may be looking there too.  Here are a few good practical sense tips on what not to write.  We always like what not to do better than what to do because it seems so much easier to understand.  Phrases like "why should they hire you?" or "tell stories" are much more ambiguous than "LOL is not really a word.  Don't use it in business!"

But back to our topic because this newsletter is for recruiters and finding talent on LinkedIn. There are many advanced LinkedIn searching techniques but we think the best search technique is through Google or Bing.  Also our "Article Check Out" on the left of this page features some good links on how to navigate LinkedIn to find candidates. Once you find those resumes and profiles, below are step-by-step instructions for importing them into Gopher.

Step by Step LinkedIn Imports with Gopher

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.

  • Search for people. You ask "how?" See the links above in "Check out these articles".

  • Ok, at this step we presume that your LinkedIn search has yielded some candidates that you want to import into Gopher. From the candidate's LinkedIn profile page, you need to save the profile as a PDF and depending on if the person “is” or “is not” connected to you, the process is slightly different. This link on importing LinkedIn PDF's will explain.

  • After selecting PDF export, a message comes up asking where you want to save the PDF. Save the PDF to your …..\Go4v11\Resumes folder. Don't know where that is? Contact Gopher Support.

  • After saving the PDF profile you can click the big red  on the Gopher tool bar to import the LinkedIn profile.  You may want to import more than one PDF at a time so wait to click the red  until after you have saved all the PDF profiles you found and saved from LinkedIn.  If you want to view what you have queued up to import into Gopher, you can use the Gopher menu options
    Import >> Import via list of selected resumes(s) or Import >> Import via edit of each resume.

  • You can also save some time by editing what the profile will look like by turning the Pre-edit Resume Import option on from the Options dropdown in the Gopher menu.

If your recruiters are not doing these steps for LinkedIn please call us so we can help you through the process. Gopher is all about saving data entry time so that you can focus on the business of recruiting!

See next month's issue for "Vetting it necessary?"

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