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We see a lot of recruiting copy on the internet regarding sourcing and searching for applicants, sales contact management for clients, job posting and job distribution portals.  All these quick connections are making for faster but shallower associations and candidate referrals.  What about vetting candidates?  I am sure a recruiter does not want to be on a twitter page for getting an offer for his dog Sam as a new VP for AIG, Apple, Google or Microsoft, but then again, there is a school of thought that this may be good for business. I mean if a recruiter can get an offer for a dog, a lot of candidates may flock to him/her.

All kidding aside, this brings up an excellent point. With everyone working towards making quick connections, are you stopping to make sure that the person you are presenting for a job really has the qualifications and experience they have stated on their resume? It is a good idea to validate resumes for work history, education and police records but few recruiters know how to accomplish this effectively. Many recruiters are under the assumption that by law prior employers are only allowed to verify employment periods. This is not so but many employers do this by policy. As long as the prior employer is being truthful, they can answer almost any question.

Recently, it seems that employers are over exposed to bad press and civil suits because of something an employee did or did not do and it is eventually revealed that no background check was made. Just one instance of this happening with a candidate you placed and you could be out of business.

Over the years there have been many pros and cons to background checking by recruiters but we would like to take an informal survey of recruiters and HR professionals and see what options are out there. Check out our blog and let us know what you think.

Background Checkers

Not doing background checks? Here are some options to consider. There are many professional firms that do resume background checks like TalentShield, ResumeVerify and PeopleSmart but one of the best, Virtrue, can offer discounted prices for Gopher customers. Here is what they have to say.

Why Applicant Integrity Checks Matter

VirtrueLogoBackground checks are an important tool for every recruiter to have in their back pocket – they ensure that the candidates you field are of only the highest integrity. The last thing you want is for someone you recruit to become a liability for a company and to tarnish your reputation as a recruiter. For many employers around the country, criminal history checks are a prerequisite to hiring an individual.  However, by running a criminal check on a candidate you’ve recruited before you refer them to an employer, you protect your reputation and also make your candidate stand out from the pack by demonstrating that they have nothing to hide.

Another critical part of vetting job candidates is to make sure that their resume is accurate. Experts estimate that more than one in three resumes contain lies related to the applicant’s education, experience or the skills needed to perform a specific role.  One in three! You can’t afford to compromise your personal brand as a recruiter. You need to know when a candidate is telling the truth (or lying) because it’s ultimately your reputation on the line.  Unfortunately, traditional tools to verify an applicant’s education and work history are slow and expensive – they can cost as much as $20 per job and per university to verify. It’s not scalable or cost-effective.

A new verification technology from Virtrue, however, can verify an applicant’s resume (including their work and education history) – in minutes instead of days, and at a nominal cost to you. Virtrue is offering a one-month free trial of their resume verification technology to interested recruiters and can also provide comprehensive criminal history background checks as well.  Protect your reputation by verifying your recruits.

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