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Modifying and Saving Queries 

Gopher's applicant tracking system offers two options for modifying and saving queries. One option is the ‘Hot List’ feature and the second option is the ‘Queries on Command’ feature. The method described in this newsletter is the second option, ‘Queries on Command’.

This is a new feature in Gopher 2004 which enables you to view/ modify/ save a query, and run the modified or saved query on the tab it originated from.

To access the Queries feature, click Commands on the Gopher menu bar.

Viewing Current Query: Offers the ability to view the source of the current Find, in order to modify or save it. For example, you wish to perform a search to include all active applicants with experience who live in AL, MS or TN. If you attempt this search directly on the Profile tab you will receive an error because just one OR statement is allowed in the State box. To resolve this, perform your search with just 2 states by selecting A in the Stat box, A in the A/C box, ** in the Skills box and AL^MS in the State box. Next, click Commands on the Gopher menu bar and click View Current Query. The following source will open in the ‘Query Window’:

Select * From PRO where (Prost = 'AL' OR Prost='MS') And (Proty = 'A') And (Prosta = 'A') And ((Prokw1 Like '%VB.NET%' OR Prokw2 Like '%VB.NET%')) Order by Prodt DESC

In order to modify it to include the third state of TN, you would change it so it appears as follows:

Select * From PRO where (Prost = 'AL' OR Prost='MS' OR Prost=’TN’) And (Proty = 'A') And (Prosta = 'A') And ((Prokw1 Like '%VB.NET%' OR Prokw2 Like '%VB.NET%')) Order by Prodt DESC

Then, click the Run button. The query will run on the Profile tab in order to display the new results.

Saving a Query: On the open ‘Query Window’, you will see a Save option on the menu bar. Click Save and name the saved query. In the future, when you would like to run the query again, click Commands on the Gopher menu bar, click Saved Queries and click the applicable query name. The query will be saved in the go4.mdb database that resides on your local drive, so it will appear in your Gopher only. The query will be saved with the following naming convention: UserID_NameOfQuery. For example, if my user ID is ANN and if I name a saved query as SampleQuery, the query as it appears in the go4.mdb database is ANN_SampleQuery. The ability to save queries is a great feature, as not only does it save you time in the future when you want to find these people again (and new people that match the criteria), but you can use that query in a Mail/Merge in Word or with a custom report in MS Access.

Query History: To view the most recent Finds performed on the various tabs and note pad, click Commands on the menu bar and click Query History. The history is cleared each time you exit Gopher.

* For more information on this feature, refer to ‘ViewingEditingSavingQueries.doc’ in your go4\WordDocs\Training folder.

  © Copyright 2010, BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.


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