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Last month we talked about filtering big data down to manageable small data and nurturing those relationships but there is a flip side. Corporate America has moved away from relationships in their corporate structures and people are becoming more like redundant and easily replaced parts. Gone are the days of companies being loyal to their employees in the way that employees are loyal to a company and contribute their lifetime of work towards making that company successful. In this dim future, nurtured relationships do not have the same value that they used to. Recruiting for parts (applicants) comes down to a numbers game of skill set matching applicants to a cog (job) in the corporate machine.

Any recruiter can see signs of this bizarre future already in the big data on the internet. The idea of a proprietary candidate is falling by the wayside as the internet's huge source of human capital is accessed by everyone.  Finding the best fit for the position is no longer a marathon but a sprint with world class competition. In other words, who you know and what (if any) influence you have over the applicant and/or client is less relevant today than it was yesterday and will be even less relevant tomorrow.

Migration to this science fiction scenario of recruiting is leading to changes in how open positions and resumes are written and distributed to the internet. Job descriptions and resumes need to be written with an understanding that they are no longer for human consumption but for the unbelievably huge array of computer networks and software tools that are dissecting them and breaking them down to match the best part to the corporate machine.

New to the recruiting industry is what is called awareness software that helps to write resumes, job descriptions and identify the best distribution portals for distributing precision job and resume content.

On the other side of this equation is the recruiting software used to search and match this content in much more precise terms. These matching tools are getting better because the evolving corporate model has more need for the precise skill set and less need for the human element.

So the flip side of nurturing is the dark underbelly of the recruiting beast - big databanks being mined by software that can take big data and precisely match jobs and resumes beats the nurturing recruiter just by sheer number crunching. Actually this is just an upgraded version of the Man vs. Machine story of John Henry the “steel-driving man” beating the machine but dying in the process.

BlackDog's hedge - Nurturing + Big Data matching

What better way to take advantage of both sides of recruiting?  BlackDog has hedged its bets by providing bookmarking for the nurturing approach and also actively developing and incorporating the most sophisticated matching and parsing tools for big data like the Sovren parser. Here is a list of BlackDog's best matching tools:

  One click matching of job to resume or resume to job.
  Synonym driven key word matching.
  Semantic search matching.
  Boolean Black Belt LinkedIn and Internet searching.
  Check box matching attributes plus GPS location matching.
  Ranking matches by recruiter defined attributes.

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