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As the year draws to a close, most people are starting to reflect on the year, analyze their progress, take stock, regroup and adjust their course for the upcoming year. New Year's Day seems to bring about a sense of hope and newness and a willingness to change. As part of our year end here at Blackdog, we like to review our newsletters to make sure we are staying on topic and current with what our clients find helpful. We appreciate your feedback so let us know what you think by connecting with us online with the links on the left.

Then recently we read this article about LinkedIn and can't help but think how eerily similar the reality is to what we've been predicting in our newsletters all year. So the one thing we're not changing in the New Year is our opinion of LinkedIn.

One sentence reiterates our position on LinkedIn. You can only be a successful recruiter if you are one person contacting 1000's and not one of 1000's contacting one person via LinkedIn. LinkedIn is just another starting point for gathering the right people for your niche, putting them into your database and developing a long term engagement with calls and personal emails as described below. Treat LinkedIn like a lead generator and you will do well.  Treat it as a source for finding an applicant's LinkedIn profile, pasting it into an email to a client and waiting for the commission check and another year will pass you by. 

Don't let the New Year pass you by! Here are our tips for great recruiting in the New Year:

  • Re-connect on a personal level with your applicants and clients. Even though Gopher can mass mail, that is never a substitute for good old fashioned calling.
  • Out with the old, in with the new is NOT always better. The connections you have had for years are usually the most fruitful. Review old jobs for new ideas.
  • Update how you use your tools. Most people are set in their ways and haven't explored 1/10th of what their existing tools can do for them.
  • Just because it worked before, doesn't mean it will keep working. Think of fresh and interesting ways to reach applicants and clients like blogs, webinars, clubs, etc.
  • Learn about the internet and update your website. We know most people understand how to get to something on the internet, but they don't really know how it works.  Why doesn't your website show up in a Google search when you put in your name?  The internet is a big part of your recruiting existence so take the time to read or attend seminars that explain how your presence on the internet is seen by the world and how the world finds you. If you need help with this, let us know.

In keeping with our tip to update how you use your tools, here are some more of the Options in Gopher.

Outlook Menu Gopher Options

Gopher's integration with Outlook is a key tool for productivity and automating your recruitment tracking process with very little effort.  The top Outlook menu is accessible from any tab in Gopher.

 Outlook-Email to xxx     
This is a quick shortcut to start an email to the person you are currently viewing in Gopher.

 Outlook-Email Resume
Email the resume you are currently viewing to one of the jobs open on the jobs tab.  Notice that two different jobs can show up in this dialog.  That is because it will show you any job you have open on list 1 or on list 2. 

 Outlook-Email Current Memo 
Email the current memo that you are viewing on the memo tab.  With this option you can use templates that have been created by other users.

 Outlook-Email Memo Template 
Email any of your email templates that you have created in Gopher.  Want to know how templates work?  Check out our newsletter about emailing or you can find two great resources on our website with details on how to create and email templates.  Graphics are key!  Your visual wow is what will get your emails read.  And remember not to send anything as an attachment (except resumes) if you expect it to get read.

 Outlook-Outlook Signature 
Setup Gopher to add one of your Outlook signatures to all outgoing emails from Gopher.  You can also setup the same signature or a different signature for emailing from all of the unique list types in Gopher.

See next month's issue for "Yes, even MORE options"

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