What if My Client Insists on Presenting the Offer?

As with everything, you need to show your client why it is in his interest to have you present the offer. Here are some ideas:

Other interviews. Candidates will tell me things about other offers and opportunities that they wont tell you.
Counter offers. They will talk to me about their susceptibility to counter offers whereas they will likely tell you only what they think you want to hear. Uncover Hidden objections. I can act as a confidant for the candidate to uncover other hidden objections such as his spouses resistance, changes in his reasons for leaving and the fear of change.
Save Dollars. We test all offers before we extend them. We can help save you in payroll cost and in avoiding rejected offers.
We act as a mediator. It's more professional to have the offer come from a recruiter. We act as mediator. After he accepts, the candidate will call you (Mr. Client) to formally accept with you.

If none of these ideas are accepted, you can use this as your last resort:
Mr. Client, if you wont change your mind about presenting the offer, at least let me test the offer amount first and coordinate the timing with you so were sure the candidate is ready to accept.

By Gary Stauble
 BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.
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