How to Hire Top Recruiter Talent

Nothing will have greater impact on increasing your profit like a good recruiter. To limit your search for recruiters to friends and personal contacts is a limiting way to build a business. Friendship is a welcome spin-off benefit of effective recruiter hiring; it is not the major criteria.

An empty desk is a drain on income. (You still have to pay expenses to maintain an empty desk and its resources.) However, it is not significant when compared to the cost caused by a failing recruiter at that desk. Successful recruiters are:

  • Aggressive;
  • Willing to take calculated risks;
  • Able to stand the stress of occasional big deals, as opposed to daily small deals ($30,000 a deal vs. a “DEAL” a day for $125);
  • Resistant to rejection and opposition (give your potential recruiters a hurdle or two to cross);
  • Deal-makers (“hunter” personalities) who seek opportunities to create success and wealth and share little concern over guaranteed income;
  • Street-wise (“sixth sense” for what’s going down or as golfers say, “they can read the green”);
  • Business-wise (aware of hidden agendas and corporate politics);
  • Effective communicators and listeners with professional demeanor (how will your clients and candidates react to this person?)
  • Tenacious and able to overcome obstacles;
  • Blessed with a “half-full” versus “half-empty” personality; and
  • Focused and willing to avoid distractions.
In addition, you want to make certain the person you hire has a record of past accomplishments.

Those You Turn Away
As you might expect, there are certain types of people who tend not to be suitable for our business, and should avoided. These include:

  • The “People” person, who wants, more than anything else to help people;
  • Burned-out corporate casualties;
  • The financially desperate who cannot function under the stress of financial need;
  • Burn-outs from other recruiting firms; and
  • Gold diggers from other recruiting firms who want a higher commission rate versus a more fruitful environment and resources that aid in creating wealth.
Be careful about who you hire. You are making a big decision! Hiring a recruiter can be as costly as the decision to remodel a kitchen, buy a car or take a great vacation. The challenge of being a search recruiter requires 100% commitment and intense mental focus. The personal and financial investment you will make in the effort to develop billing recruiters is a major one. (Conservative estimates range from $12-15K per hire considering base income and expenses)

The well-advised owner knows that building a staff of highly productive recruiters is the only failsafe strategy to creating equity in your business. When it comes time to consider selling your enterprise the buyer must see a going concern in your absence. Great tools and investments in technology pale in their potential to create wealth and equity when compared with what top producers bring to your business.

By Doug Beabout, reprinted with the permission of Doug Beabout
 BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.
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