How to Use Your Cell Phone More Effectively?

I really hate cell phones, especially when I am driving behind someone who cant drive anyway but they have a cell in one hand and another on the wheel. My only positive thought is that they are getting driving instructions on the cell or someone is telling them to get off the road before they kill someone.

However in spite of my own personal views here are some excellent pointers by Gary Stauble for recruiters on using a cell phone as a recruiting tool.

Do you give out your cell phone number to clients and candidates? If so, how do you create boundaries between work time and personal time? Here are two ideas:

Even cell phone haters will like this

1. Get a Skype in number from and forward this number to your cell. This is the only cell number you ever give to clients.

2. On your business (landline) voicemail, let people know that for an emergency, they can try to reach you on your business cell number (by saying its your business cell it implies that it may be turned off after hours). Use your skype-in number on your voicemail for this purpose (rather than your actual cell number).

This allows you to ignore incoming calls on your landline during an outgoing calling block as people will have been notified (via your voicemail) that they can call your cell if theres something time-sensitive they need to speak to you about.

3. When youre off duty simply program the skype-in number to point to your business landline. Have an alternate message on your business landline that does not refer people to your cell when youre off duty. This allows your cell to be totally work-free when you decide and at the same time gives clients the feeling that youre available to them much of the time.

By Gary Stauble
 BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.
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