Recruiting Training For Owners - 4 Strategies to Grow Your Business This Year

The biggest mistake I see with the clients I coach on growing their Recruiting Firms is that they tend to "wing it" with their recruiting business plans. Recruiters seem to focus on making placements to the point of obsession vs staking out specific objectives and executing to a plan, knowing that the simple day to day execution will yield them all the placements and recruitment revenue they need.

If this describes you here are 4 specific strategies you can use to build your recruiting firm into a powerhouse with predictable recruiting revenue streams, low turnover of recruiters, and higher profits.

Strategy 1: Get a vision of what your firm looks like 12 months from now. Do not say "we will have $500,000 or $1,000,000 in Revenue if you don't know EXACTLY how that revenue will impact your life. Ask yourself questions like "If I could wave a realistic magic wand, I would be doing these things in my recruiting firm one year from now..." and " If I hit these revenue targets, I could be doing these things in my LIFE right now."

Strategy 2: Hire people in different roles. Why does the recruiting industry continue to hire almost exactly the same way it has for the past 30 years knowing that only one in seven to ten of these recruiters will be successful? I did it this way for eight years myself until I discovered a better way. Hire recruiters that supplement and leverage your strength as the billing manager. In addition, you can hire people to leverage the strength of your biggest billers, then GROOM them into working both sides of the desk.

Strategy 3: Build your recruiting firm on solid metrics. My experience as a coach to owners of recruiting firms is that most do NOT track the key PREDICTIVE recruiting metrics because they a) don't have time and b) don't completely comprehend the value. There is NO bigger mistake an owner can make. Recruiting presentations, interviews and job orders accurately predict revenue thirty to sixty days out. Start tracking these today!

Strategy 4: Build a recruiting business plan that reflects the above three points. Describe what your recruiting firm looks like twelve months out. Next, figure out how to leverage your strengths and those of your key people and hire recruiters accordingly. Once you have this, determine what activity your recruiting firm needs to generate per year, per quarter and per month.

Implement these four key strategies and you will add the science to the art of recruiting. Once the above is completed you will have clarity on EXACTLY what needs to be done to hit your revenue targets, what your gaps are in your recruiting training, and what support you will need to implement your plan. It is that easy!

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By Michael Gionta
 BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.
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