How to Earn Your Candidates' Trust!

If you're a recruiter, there are three questions that every job seeker will ask:

1. Can you be trusted?
2. Are you committed to my success?
3. Do you care about me?

These are the same questions people want answered in any relationship or business. If you can show another person that the answer to all of these questions is YES, you will develop candidate rapport which leads to a trusting relationship.

Here are some ways to differentiate yourself from your competition:

Write down a list of expectations for your candidates - What they can expect of you and what you expect from them.
Compile a book of testimonials from placed candidates - Share testimonials from other candidates and have thank you letters posted in your office.
Show your personality -Be enjoyable to work with and learn about their personal life.
Re-interview throughout the process - During first interviews, your candidates will be guarded. Subsequent interviews they are often more honest.
Be honest and ethical -Always tell the truth and deliver good & bad news timely.
Become their best listener - Listen twice as much as you talk.
Get paperwork completed upfront - Don't interview candidates you won't place.
Package your candidates for interviews -Prep them before their interview and debrief them after their interview.
NEVER interview for one specific job -Conduct a general interview.
ALWAYS check a personal reference -Obtain additional information that will help you place this person and learn how this person handles change.
Realize this is a career -You need to be flexible and accommodating.
Survey your candidates -Always strive to improve your service.
Develop a follow up system - Stay in touch, follow up or have fall-offs and follow up greatly increases referrals.
Touch your candidate database six times a year -Improves the number of referrals, improves candidate rapport and increases your production.

The only thing that separates your competition from you is YOU! Brand yourself effectively and you'll become a magnet for top talent!

By Nancy Phillips, reprinted with the permission of Nancy Phillips
 BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.
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