Job Boards are Obsolete

After reading a post by Jason Buss, I wanted to know if the ERE community thinks that job boards are obsolete. Understandably, this is a sensitive topic for many recruiters. Ryan Reddy, Amanda Blazo, and Eric Smith feel that without job boards recruiters would have to do their own sourcing and question if that would ever happen. David Templeton believes they are already obsolete since most leads are weak and agrees with David Boller that you need to look at other tools to source candidates. John Ruffini sums it up best by stating, “If you are mining resumes form the Internet job boards and that is your main source of candidates, in my opinion you are not a recruiter. There is some value to that, but the art and science of recruiting is achieved by traditional sourcing and networking, and finding the talent that your client cannot and will not find through any other means.”

By Madeline Tarquinio, reprinted with the permission of Electronic Recruiting Exchange
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