Should Recruiters Join Forces?

In my three decades as a recruiter, I have never seen the widespread challenges facing recruiters in 2010. Most practitioners with whom I spoke were scratching their heads in disbelief as their traditional strategies ceased working.

The rapidly changing candidate pool, the increasing diversity of job descriptions and the pervasive attitude shift among candidates requires the implementation of three initiatives if we want to survive and prosper:

Step One: Accept the new realities. The tried and true practices that served us well since 1980 simply fail today to create the results we want. Seek out new and evolved recruiting process training. The effective, new recruiting process is like a river. Working hard to paddle up stream because you believe that hard work is its own reward, well you can’t deposit those results. Master the new recruiting processes and go with the flow. The placements are downstream and the process will take you there. Just follow it.

Step Two: Pick up the phone. Our instrument of choice for many years was the telephone. It created a conduit to clients seeking our services and candidates we could recruit. Enter the keyboard to replace the keypad of that phone. E-cruiting was a viable and somewhat profitable replacement for the contact sport of what came to be called, old school recruiting. Sourcers and name-gatherers became a widening cottage industry feeding us leads and some success.

Now many have relocated from their sole proprietorships and home-based enterprises to working for our clients and taking with them, and from us, the advantages of technology. This confederation empowered our clients to reach above the customary low hanging fruit and unemployed people. This has taken fees out of our pockets. We need to revisit the foundational skill of using that good old telephone in our efforts to reach past these competitors to the truly passive but better qualified candidate crowd. If it’s been a while since you did so, I submit you consider Step One.

Step Three: Consider collaboration. I have always been an independent recruiter. Although deeply schooled and experienced in the recruiting franchise world, I always took great comfort and pride in my ability to create a great income from the sweat of my brow, the mind skills acquired and my wise investment of my time. I split placements here and there; but by no means have I accepted an award for that part of my income stream.

The speed bump that has kept so many for so long from joining a collaborative group is that, let’s face it, it can be the wild west out there with more than a few outlaws. A lack of industry standards adds to the guesswork in picking trading partners. As much as I believe that the recruiting industry is, as a whole, comprised of great people, I also know that standards and ethics are like beauty, in the eyes of the beholder.

My due diligence
As I considered the need to join a well-established and successful recruiting collaboration, I wanted to make sure and do my due diligence. I found some; with whom I have been long associated, are still great trading networks. But, today’s unique challenges demand that a collaboration of recruiters must uniquely fall somewhere between the widespread support of a franchisor and the independence of trading partners. An asset rich offering without the unending cost of success, a group where rookies (and God knows I love them) are not cutting their teeth on my candidates or clients and of utmost importance a group where I can count on support when I need it from people with their hands and skin in the game.

After many hours of searching and analysis, I have the best answer for which I could expect. I recommend with all of my confidence that you take a hard look at AGR ( Agents Recruiting Group). They have been around for a decade. I tried hard but could not find a chink in their armor. I only wish I would have found them sooner.

You can find all you need to know and the support that will make you a top producer in 2010 and for the balance of your recruiting career. Go to: for the details and answers you seek.

By Doug Beabout, reprinted with the permission of Doug Beabout
 BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc.
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