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Top Job - Healthlinx

Leadership Consultant - Become part of a dynamic and growing project management firm that specializes in the recruiting of health care executives across the United States.
We are looking for passionate, sales-minded professionals to grow with us!

This is not your average executive recruiting job!

Work in a growing healthcare industry for the leading specialized recruiting firm for hospitals
Partner with one of our most successful consultants who can show you the ropes as you develop your career.
Work in a casual yet sales and outcomes-driven work environment alongside a highly engaged team of consultants
Full medical and retirement plan with match

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  1. ERE Articles, Tue, 25 Oct 2016
    AI is the new new thing in recruiting. Products like Mya claim to use AI and promise to revolutionize recruiting. As usual, the hype far exceeds the reality, since true AI means having a flexible, general-purpose intelligence of the type which allows an individual to learn to complete a vast range of tasks. Today we have products that have mastered individual tasks, like IBM’s Deep Blue that plays chess better than even the best humans, and Watson, that beat the champions on Jeopardy . But such programs are good at just one particular task, and none...

Company profile

Founded in 1980, BlackDog Recruiting Software Inc. has come to be known as one of the most powerful names in recruitment software.

This executive search software, used by companies small and large, is renowned for its ease of use, affordability and speed.

BlackDog Inc. originally developed custom UNIX applications for its in-house staffing agency as well as other firms. Based in Los Angeles. BlackDog eventually refined the recruiting applications into a single packaged solution - Gopher.